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Your furniture is something which defines the interior of your home. You want to keep it looking the best it can. They are a major part of a house’s architectural elegance.

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The furniture describes a house’s feel. You like comfort on a soft fabric sofa, while a leather sofa tells you you like class. You may have traditional dark mahogany wood furniture or you may have modern Ikea furniture. You want to keep them clean, no matter the type of furniture you have. Furniture is used every day and its longevity decreases without proper care, they begin to look old too soon.

When You Have Done Remodeling

You must clean your furniture if you have done a remodeling service in your home. Jobs such as painting and repairs frequently result in the air floating with a lot of dust particles. This particle of dust sticks to the furniture fabric and does not fall off with a quick dusting off. Even if your furniture with a naked eye can appear clean, they still catch the dirt and later cause health problems.

If It Is Old For Your Upholstery

This is apparent. If your upholstery is old and has never been properly washed, including sofas, chairs, ottomans, armchairs, etc., you should clean it. It would surprise you to know how much dirt and grime it has accumulated. Cleaning improves the quality of the upholstery. The fabric will soften and make it look brighter.

If The Upholstery Has Stains

You may have spilled coffee on the sofa. Your upholstery can be destroyed by coffee, wine and food stains. You can not wash your furniture, so it helps to call specialists to take care of those circumstances. Atascocita Carpet Cleaning use a special form of stain cleaning to eliminate stains without hurting your upholstery.

Stains From Pet

If your pet has stained the upholstery with faeces or urine, the issue is not just the stain, but also the odour. — once you get rid of someone’s stain, the odour is hard to get away from. You don’t want to squeeze your nose when your visitors visit your house. Our pet stain cleaning will rid your furniture of the stain and scent the pet leaves behind.

If You Intend On Selling The Upholstery

So you’ve got a pricey piece of equipment that you want to sell. No matter how pricey a piece of furniture is, you won’t get the right price or the right buyer to sell it if it doesn’t look fine. Before putting it up for sale, cleaning a furniture increases the likelihood of having it sold at your expected price. You’ll see that the cleaning investment will be worth the cost.

Here Are The Things We Do While Cleaning Upholstery

Get Your Sofas Swept

The most popular furniture we clean under upholstery is sofas. We clean leather sofas, sofas made of fabric, traditional sofas, modern sofas, sofa beds, commercial sofas, etc. All kinds of sofa fabrics are known to us: fluffy, feathery, leather, silk , cotton. Without harming the cushion, we know how to clean each form of fabric.

Sanitization Of Upholstery

We’re going to clean your upholstery, but we’re going to go a step further and sanitize it as well. The method of sanitization makes sure that all the germs are destroyed. In order to sit and relax, your children and older people can use upholstery. For anyone to clean, washing the upholstery keeps it healthy and clean.

Cleaning With Dry Foam

Dry foam helps without much effort to get rid of grime, strong and other ugly stuff from your upholstery. This technique helps to clean your furniture thoroughly.

Stain And Odour Removal For Pets

We’re going to delete any mess that your pets make on your furniture. We are going to get rid of the stains and also eradicate the odour.

Protecting Upholstery

A hydrophobic surface layer that prevents potential stains is created by our upholstery safety spray. It removes spills from your sofa and makes it easy to clean them.

We will clean it for you, no matter what kind of upholstery you have and how dirty it is. Call us on the number given, we will provide a free estimate after a site visit without any obligation.

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Our staff are qualified to provide safe and efficient cleaning of furniture without damaging it. We have a team of competent and skilled cleaning services, our business has served most parts of Atascocita. We take great care of hygiene and follow proper procedures to do our job. We offer furniture cleaning services at a reasonable cost to deal with any commercial or residential service.

We know how pricey some furniture can be, some that have been in your house for centuries can be antique. You want the original look and feel of the upholstery to be preserved. When washing, you wouldn’t want the fabric to be ruined. That is why Atascocita Carpet Cleaning has been offering comprehensive furniture cleaning services that are delicate and require special attention. The consistency of the products is taken great care of by our professional cleaning service.


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